We Made it to Lisboa

Bom Dia (the bom is pronounce bohn)…….Portuguese for what else, good day.  (In case you think you have missed any of our fascinating blog posts, you haven’t – this is the first!

As I write this, it is 7am on Monday.  We arrived yesterday afternoon, dropped our bags, changed clothes and went for a walk to the Alfama neighborhood area and to the Praça Comécia by Rio Tejo.

Our flights were fairly smooth but it was a loooooong day.  About 23 hours from take-off in Seattle to arriving at the hotel.  I managed a bit of sleep on the trans Atlantic leg  but Nancy did not. It was certainly a comfortable flight.  Air France was quite nice.


She did get a bit of shut eye, however between Paris & Lisboa.


By the time we made it to the river (Rio Tejo).


it was Baby Jesus time (for those of you unclear of the term, it is something my Dad coined many years ago.  It means it is time for the 1st beer of the day.  None of us are certain of the genesis of the term but we treat it with the utmost respect.   My darling wife led us unerringly to an outdoor cafe & bar called providentially Museu da Cerveja.  I had a local beer, Nancy had some local wine & we ate cod croquettes (the national dish).

IMG_6234(Check out the crazy glass)

We found an excellent tapas bar(Bebedouro) for dinner & had grilled spicy sardines among other delicious dishes


Our initial impression is we LIKE Portugal!

More to follow as we can.

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6 thoughts on “We Made it to Lisboa”

  1. Sweet sweet Baby Jesus. What a great trip you guys are having! Loving the posts, keep us informed of all child prophets.

    Nathan Fleck t: +852 9236 7707 e:nathan@casagroup.co


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