Farewell Ísland (aka “Iceland”)

SO, Family and Friends….. Our trip is nearing an end.  We head home tomorrow – sigh…

It has been a GREAT journey.  We have discovered three countries – Portugal, Faroe Islands & of course Íceland.  We have had a wonderful time along the way & met some great people in each place we visited.   We have had some amazing food and seen some terrific scenes.  Once again, I may run out of superlatives.

The past 10 days were spent with the photography workshop group.    A few of our fellow attendees were not strangers.  I had been on several workshops with Bill, and one each with Sue, Barb & Tom.  The others were Mark & John. Bill’s wife, Mary-Mignon was also an attendee.   As always, our leader was Jim Altengarten of Exposure36 Photography.

The first three days were in the Faroe Islands.  We flew from the Reykjavik domestic airport to Vágar on an easy 1.25 hour flight.  We started shooting right away on our drive to our hotel in Gjógv on the island of Eysturoy.

DSC_5411 The local farmers don’t mind people walking into their paddocks to photograph but they don’t want the sheep to get out so they have these ladders. Hope the cute wooly critters don’t figure out how to climb.  We stayed in the village all 3 nights and drove around several of the various islands;  most are connected by undersea tunnels.  Some of the tunnels even have the FM radio station signals boosted so you don’t miss any of the latest top 23 songs (small country – can’t afford a top 40).

DSC_3974The waterfront in Gjogv.

DSC_4398Gasadalur falls

Back to Iceland on Monday to start the next part of the workshop.  In both places we had some weather challenges but since Nancy & I are hearty Northwesterners, we persevered and enjoyed all nature could show us & throw at us. Check out some of the other shots.  These are the ones I submitted to the critique session.

DSC_6492This was from a boat ride in the Faroes.  We were supposed to see lots of the shore birds but they had left already.  Amazing cliffs & grottoes though.  Worth the trip.

DSC_5744 - Version 2The original Geysir in the south of Iceland.  Just about ready to pop.

DSC_5538We had a good night at the Aurora outside Selfoss, island.

DSC_5478Looking down at some rapids by a HUGE waterfall – Hraunfossar.

DSC_5390 DSC_5369 These are Kirkjufellfoss in Grundarfjordur, Iceland.  Those of you paying attention will remember Nancy & I were here a couple weeks ago.DSC_5245On the road to Grundarfjordur.  Shining sun, calm water, reflections – ahhh…

DSC_5143Cod, the national dish.  I found some fishermen offloading the day’s catch.

DSC_5116Nope, not upside down.  A nice reflection in a lagoon.

DSC_4987I do not know which loss this is but I like shooting soft water.  (I called it a blurry water shot but Jim did not think that sounded professional enough.)

DSC_4855This is the ceiling/roof of Harpa, Reykjavik’s fairly new performing arts & conference center.  Right on the waterfront.

DSC_4722A church in Iceland with an honest to goodness tree in front.

DSC_3902A street scene in Gjogv.

DSC_3862 DSC_3847

A couple more Fosses.

(L to R) Mark, John, Nancy, Sue, Chris at the Blue Lagoon this morning before their flights back to the States. IMG_7339

Well, that is all I have for now.  I will send out another note in a few weeks when I have had a chance to edit the approx 3,000 pictures down to a more manageable number.  I’ll post the to my photo website.  If you want to look at it now for prior trips, feel free.  Please be aware though that there are several folders there with plain, good old family snaps, not the works of art you have come to expect of us now!

Lots of love,

Chris & Nancy

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