Costa Rica, here we are

Hi everyone. As I sit here writing this first post from CR, the rain is absolutely torrential. But I am getting ahead of my story. I have time to splain, so I won’t sum up. 

After flying from Seattle to LA, we spent the night before our early departure for San Jose, CR. Dinner was at the hotel sports bar where coincidentally we watched CR playing USA in World Cup qualifying Futbol. CR won 4-0 and we were thrilled since we did not want any hard feelings directed toward us. 

The flight down was easy and smooth but I noticed something I must have seen 1,000 times before. In the restroom on the plane was this sign:

Is this the button to push if you want the pool boy to bring a drink?

We stayed at a lovely converted Victorian mansion called Grano de Oro, a 16 room hotel. A walk through downtown San Jose to a locals place for ceviche then a cab back. 

Thursday morning, our trip planner, Grettel Calderon from Seattle’s own Wildland Adventures took us for a guided walk around town. We even had a nice stop for CR cawfee. 

So ends SJ. Our flight to Puerto Jimenez was delayed due to the rain in PJ but we eventually took off in a 19 passenger turboprop. So far, so good. 

See the cart next to the plane? That was to transport us standing to the other side of the big puddle. 
In a LandCruiser we proceeded to our incredibly beautiful and comfy world renowned destination, Lapa Rios, a 5 leaf eco lodge. Remember the so far so good comment in the last paragraph? Remember the delayed flight due to rain? Well…
The 5 of us , without luggage had to be taken across the 2nd to last river in a farmer’s tractor due to the very swollen, over the road rio. Some of you may not know that my traveling companion, Nancy is winged. That is, she recently broke her left wrist and is wearing a cast which makes hanging on to something solid on a slowly moving big red tractor even more of a feat. She did it, by golly by gosh!  The only victim of the 3 attempts to cross the rio was my right shoe that did not stay outta the river. 

Did I mention Lapa Rios?  It is beautiful. Only 17 rooms built on a hillside overlooking the pacific. Each bungalow is secluded from the others which makes frolicking in the outdoor shower a bit boring but more acceptable. 

King size, mozzy netted bed, indoor shower as well, screens, no windows and a wide veranda with a killer view (it would be better if it stopped raining so we could see the ocean! 

Did I mention the rain? It is currently 6am Saturday and we arrived 4pm Thursday. Other then about 3hours yesterday avo, it has been either coming down in buckets, a fire hose or a gully washer. No seattle like pleasant shower or mist but some serious stuff. The roar of it is amazing and constant. No pitter patter here. Imagine standing next to a railroad crossing and the world’s longest freight train is roaring by 10 feet from your face – for 38 hours (with a small break). 
I want you to know I am not complaining. Just informing. We are making the most of our time here. This place is very eco. They use spring water, the electricity is generated from biogas. We watched it being made yesterday. All the food scraps are fed to pigs which then poop (of course). 

Their waste goes through a process to make methane gas which in turn is used to run the generator. Pretty darn cool. The water is solar heated (except now when the pigs do it with their poop). 

There are amazing birds, monkeys (including Howlers) and sloths as well as frogs that we can hear at night over the rain, crocs, caymans (caymen?) and all sorts of snakes and insects. We hope to see them soon. 

Below are 3 toed sloth, scarlet macaw, common black hawk and Golfo Dulce (where we be) poison dart frog. 

Staff deliver delish CR (of course) coffee to our door at 6am each day. Even I am drinking it.  
The food is pretty darn good 

and we have met some interesting fellow travelers. We  are here for 2 more days before heading to our next stop (I hope). 

Please ecuse any typos as this has been composed on my phone since we didn’t bring a laptop. 

That’s it for now, time for our bartending class (it is 10am Saturday and still pouring). 


Chris and Nancy 

3 thoughts on “Costa Rica, here we are”

  1. OMG! I am laughing to tears reading your blog! It looks like quite an adventure. I am sorry its pouring rain…hope it lets up soon! It looks very beautiful, love the accommodations! Nancy is a trooper!! Have fun!!


  2. Sounds like a great trip so far except for all the rain. Personally I am not into eco anything and always want aircon and comforts. However in terms of methane I have been known to be a valuable contributor.
    I am looking forward to the next installment.



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