We are Outta the Jungle Now

We are now at La Paz Waterfall Garden Lodge about an hour from San Jose (by car). This is our last stop before heading home in a few days. 

Yes, it is STILL raining. The area we were first, Puerto Jimenez received 185 inches (15 FEET 5 inches) of lluvia in 14 dias!  No wonder this place is soooo green. The temperature though has been quite pleasant- @ 75° F  (24° C for those of you in the metro zone).  We have saved $$ on sunscreen and moisturizer. 

Friday was a bit drier so we ventured out on another mangrove tour. We saw a few different creatures and had a good time. 

Saturday, our guide, José talked our way into the closed Corcovado National Park and we did a hike for a few hours with a picnic lunch thrown in. 

About an hour into the hike, the heavens opened up and we were all doing drowned sloth  impressions. The funny thing is, we kept on going. Nobody complained and we had fun. The 3 women all had rain jackets but us 2 macho dudes were only in tshirts. After about 75 minutes the rain stopped and the monkeys and Coatis came out to play. 

We forded a fast river to get to a waterfall. Nancy could not do that part of the hike due to her broken wrist. Other than that, she has done all the excursions. My wife is quite the trooper, I must say!  

On our way back to La Paloma we saw blue footed boobies which indicated dolphins in the area. Sure enough, there was Flipper. 

While sitting in the open air lounge, I watched a capuchin monkey drop down from the roof and take a tea light candle out of the glass holder, put it in his teeth and climb back up. He did not come back for a lighter so I figured he had matches. Sorry, no photo. 

We left this morning via a 1 hour water taxi ride back to Sierpe where we took a cab to the airstrip and waited for our 19 passenger plane to San Jose. It was unclear whether the plane would come for the 30 minute flight or we would need the taxi to take us to SJ – a 4 hour drive. Luckily the plane showed. 

La Paz Lodge is by a volcano in a wildlife refuge where all the critters are rescue animals. There are monkeys, cats, snakes and others. 

We have an amazing room with 2 showers and 2 jacuzzis!  Also a hummingbird feeder by the outside jacuzzi and hammock. 

I just had a call from the front desk apologizing that the waiter at lunch did not give us our welcome cocktails and to inform us that we are to receive 2  1 hour in room massages as part of a promo they are doing!  We love this place!

This is the waterfall in our bathroom. 

By the way, it is raining. 

Tomorrow we will explore the park a bit more and I will probably have a final posting of our trip. 

Now it is Monday afternoon. We were up early as habits are hard to break. Because of that, we had the park to ourselves. The pumas and jaguars were watching us as we passed by on the way to the cataratas (Español for fosses which is Icelandic for waterfalls – wow, the things I have learned). 

The waterfalls were quite powerful as I guess I would be after all that rain if I was ah, actually a waterfall.

(I tried a selfie – didn’t work too well) 

We spent some time watching hummingbirds and then having a wander around before Nancy’s massage. Mine is next! Nancy found a cooperative sloth 

Check out how these flowers have filled up with (rain)water. Did I mention the drought is almost over here?  

I even found a local craft cervesa! (Finally) 

Ok, it is Tuesday now and I better finish this tome. We leave here mañana and overnight in LA before flying home Thursday. Let’s start a pool on how long it takes Nancy to have the 1st load of laundry started. 

Oh,oh, oh, no rain today! (Yet). We had sun for our morning constitutional. Oh my, that’s what it is like. 

We visited with  colibries (hummingbirds), tucán (toucans) & rana (frogs). 

So that is all from sunny Costa Rica & that ain’t no bull. 


Cristobal y Nancy 

6 thoughts on “We are Outta the Jungle Now”

  1. awesome pictures! Have been reading and loving all days, but finally making a comment about the amazing photos! Fording the river looked awesome. Feeding Toucans on your wrist! WOW! Hope it wasn’t too rainy for you!


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