No Bali Belly for Me!

Hi all, I am sitting in the airport lounge in Denpasar, Bali waiting for my the start of a 19 hour trip to San Francisco where I will meet up with my usual (but not this time,

traveling companion). Remember, she is also my editor so all grammatical issues as well as possibly offensive bits are all mine this time. We can’t blame the loverly and oh so talented Nancy.

Here is my current view

This is a local IPA – Indonesian Pilsner Akkk! Much as I love it here, much later tonight (I take off at 5, fly forever and land in SF at 8pm same day- I think the International Dateline is the bees knees). I figure I have crossed it about 45 times – I’m not sure how old I am…

I have only been here 5 nights. An awful long way to go for such a short period, no? The answer to that query is an incredibly strong Yup!

I flew out Tuesday morning at the ungodly (I checked) time of 2:10 am! A loooong 13 hours to Taipei, 5 hours at the airport and another 5 here.

This begs the question of WHY? Well, this young man who happens to be my eldest nephew has become the 1st of his generation in the Flabulous Fleck Flamily (to quote the editor) to wed. His name is Nathan and he has been joined with the vivacious and talented, Isla ( pronounced Ay-La, not the Spanish Ees-La!).

In addition to bringing her into the family fold and clutches, they have a rambunctious and ever so cute daughter (already) named Eve.

I will not subject you to a bunch of wedding and after wedding party pics. If you would like to see them let me know and I will send you a link. Be aware there are a LOT of them and not all from me.

I, along with my sister, Trish represented the US branch of the family at the nuptials. Nathan, his dad, Michael, mother Philippa and several siblings and offspring comprise the Aussie branch of the clan.

Let me tell you, Bali is Much closer to Sydney than Seattle or San Diego. Since Nathan and Isla met while they were both living in Hong Kong, very many of the guests popped down from there. Scotland was well represented as the former Ms Sterling is from the highlands (I think). We even had a piper – he came out from Edinburgh with his bag of wounded cats. He was good too! Thanks Al!

This photo was the Sunday party so no tartan and sporran.

Other than the wedding, I saw a bit of the beaches and countryside. It is a beautiful place but like a lot of Asia, way too much litter, especially on the beaches. All that plastic brought to shore by the waves.

Despite that, walking the black sand beaches before dawn each morning is an amazing way to start the day. The water is warm but the surf too high right now.

(My standard feet in any body of water I can picture).

The countryside around here is verdant and so peaceful (if you are looking at it and not bending over pulling weeds or harvesting rice)

The people are lovely here. The Balinese tradition of naming children is peculiar (to me anyway). Firstborns are named Wayan, 2nd, Madé, 3rd Yoeman and 4th, Katuk (spellings are mine). More kids? Start w #1 again! Like I said, peculiar. It is fun for me though because it is a great groundbreaker to ask someone’s name and then being able to talk about their family size. I tell them I am Madé because I too was born in Indonesia (not Bali though to you quibblers).

I was walking on the beach this morning and met this Wayan fishing. It is a different style than I am used to. He laid out in a straight line on the sand, from his hand reel about 100 yards in length. Every 5 feet or so is a hook. He then let the big wave take the string with the float at the end, out into the surf. He asked if I wanted to help so of course I did.

One of the issues that could have, but luckily did not affect our trip, was that gol dern volcano at the north end of the island. Earlier this summer the airport was closed for a few days. Hmmm, being stuck in Bali for a few extra days?

I’m about outta news (pithy or otherwise) so I will through in some random shots and say

selamat tinggal dan mimpi indah

(Goodbye and sweet Dreams)

Sister Trish and her favorite Indonesian chef.

This was after the only rainfall. A fortunately very dry week.

That’s all folks. Until next trip.

3 thoughts on “No Bali Belly for Me!”

  1. What a great trip! Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing! have a safe trip home.
    Did you get to wear a kilt??


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