No Trouble in Paradise

Well, I would not call the Florida Keys ‘paradise’ but it is pretty darn nice here right now.

Nancy and I are taking our post tax season respite. For the last several years we have gone to Ranch la Puerta but we decided to do something different this year. We could have gone to Hawaii but for the same amount of airplane time, we decided to go somewhere different.

And, it is different here! One manifestation of this is the giddiness the (other) tourists exhibit at sunset. While the Setting sun has been lovely, most of the visitors here are from the eastern seaboard or Midwest and seeing the sun set over the water is a big deal to them I suppose. I do not see anyone getting worked up over the sunrise here (also over the water as these Keys are very narrow). As an aside – we have not yet met anybody here from west of Kansas. Pretty darn amazing to me.

Here are a couple from this week – restaurants advertise that they are places from which to watch the sunset (they don’t use proper grammar like I does though)

We did an Everglades eco tour the other day and we saw our first Manatee! That is quite exciting for us pnw types.

These lovable critters are gentle and endangered- mainly from boat propellers.

We tooled around the mangroves as well

The food here is a fish lover’s dream. We decided to have Key Lime Pie everyday. Well, the best laid plans… we did that for the 1st two days, then had a KL mai tai the 3rd and skipped it altogether yesterday.

Here is a list of our critters from the deep.

Oysters too.

Helpful restaurants!

So far… more to come I hope.

So far we have stayed in Key Largo (cue the Beachboys), and Islamorada. We head to Key West tomorrow.

Yesterday was a big day for me – a good morning of scuba diving. The boat had snorkeling as well but we did not know that so Nancy spent the time relaxing- which is one of the reasons we are here. The only paying diver aboard was me so my buddy (as you NEVER) dive alone), was Sarah the dive master. They were 2 good dives – each about 50 minutes (as our depth was maxing out at 25 feet). Good visibility and warm water – 77°. If you pay attention to the following pics you will note she is wearing a wetsuit in some and not in others. This 100lb girl decided after the 1st dive that 77 was too cold for her. I was smart enough to wear it for both. Then again, I’ve been diving since 13 years before she was born.

Today is a sit by the pool and ocean (note I did not say ‘beach’. There ain’t no dern beaches around here. That’s ok, there is sun, food, rum and beer (they may discover hops one day).

Well faithful readers, I’m going to sign off for now. We hope all is well with you all.

Nancy and Chris – coming to you from